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When is the Best Time to Shop. Holiday Guide.

Holidays and sales in America are interconnected. When you have holiday, you have sales, so that when you don’t go to work, you can come shop. It’s good for people and good for economy.

  • By Rebecca Taylor

Christmas SaleHolidays and sales in America are interconnected. When you have holiday, you have sales, so that when you don’t go to work, you can come shop. It’s good for people and good for economy.

In addition to having fun with family and likeminded shoppers, you are destined to save a ton of money on everything, from trucks to underwear. This being said, save your big purchases for of the major holidays and don’t pay full price if you can at all avoid it.

The key to best savings is knowing what to buy during which holidays and where. You would have to live under a rock not to hear about Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales. These three are definitely the biggest and most important holidays for shopping. But they are not the only ones, so you don’t have to wait for months to get the best deal on a new refrigerator.

All national holidays are great days for shopping with various retailers clamoring for your business. To get your attention they offer some spectacular deals and discounts, some as large as 85% off regular price! Let’s take a look at some important shopping holidays and let’s never miss them again:

Labor Day

This is a big one, when sales can reach 85% off retail price. This time of the year is a prime time for winter shopping; so many discounts are on summer related items make it a great way to shop for the next summer. You can score very affordable barbeque equipment, grills, and various cooking accessories. All kinds of other supplies, like sporting goods, gardening products, sunglasses, swimwear, and summer apparel, are also on sale. Finally, summer footwear and seasonal shoes don’t get much cheaper than on Labor Day.

Shopping Time

Discounts like that are very understandable as retailers have to move inventory to make room for upcoming cold season items. Consumers respond to those sales very well and load up on things that won’t be needed until next spring, but it’s really all about the price.

Back to school sales are also big during Labor Day as most kids are already at school and the remaining items need to be sold as soon as possible. Items like backpacks, stationery, clothing, and shoes have to move and off they go thanks to great savings.

Some other retailers offer great deals on appliances, jewelry, electronics, and other, not related to summer or school, necessities.

Columbus Day

Columbus Day is official and sales are official too. In-store and online shoppers have plenty of deals to choose from on items that are needed on a daily basis. The discounts start a couple of weeks before the actual day and often last for a few days after.

Popular discounts are for kids and baby items, apparel, electronics, footwear, and so much more. Weekends around Columbus Day are especially busy for shoppers with deals up to 40%, 70%, and even more off.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

This day is known best for sales on clothing items, shoes, and various household supplies. The discounts are not as noteworthy as during other major shopping holidays, but you can still easily score 20-30% off.


Christmas sales are big a month before Christmas, right after it, and all the way to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is a month after Christmas. After Christmas sales are huge, where you can score deals up to 80% off. The largest discounts are on decorations, Christmas supplies, and various winter items. Jewelry, cosmetics, and Christmas-theme clothing are at their cheapest after the holiday.


Easter Sale

Easter sales can rival Christmas and are considered second best all year round. This is not only a very important religious holiday, but also spring revival of hearts, homes, and gardens, so no wonder retailers work very hard at attracting shoppers. You will find great deals on various textiles, Easter decorations, summer clothing, shoes, sunscreen, and swimming gear in preparation for ocean and pool season. All kinds of toys, candy, and little gifts that fit perfectly into Easter baskets for kids are on sale. Online retailers are stepping up their game and rival brick-and-mortar competitors with deals.

Using Coupon Codes

If you are stuck in a period of time where no major holiday is coming up and you still have to shop, try buying online using coupons. Online shopping is always in season.

There is usually a coupon somewhere online for every store you are shopping at; you just have to look for it. Google the name of the store with words “coupons” or “promo” and you will be prompted to coupon aggregation sites. Not all the coupons you will find will work, as they are for limited time only and expire pretty quickly. Try subscribing to the coupon sites to get the fresh ones daily. Otherwise, try a few and you will eventually succeed.


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