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Inspired by Bloggers: Mandy Fierens

This curvy blogger is on a mission to change the fashion industry one dress at a time...

Posted June 8, 2012

Mindy FierensA model, stylist, photographer, blogger, and now designer, Mandy truly does do it all...and with a purpose. As a plus-sized woman working in an industry obsessed with thin models and small sizes, Mandy has faced many challenges. However, her love of fashion and determination to change the industry has catapulted her to a position of major influence.

As "The Curvy Blogger," Mandy has shown girls of all ages that style is more important than size. A blog that started out as a creative outlet quickly turned into a page of inspiration for women with curves. Showcasing her daily outfits, Mandy is able to put together magazine-worthy looks, even though the selections available for plus-sized women are scarce.

After sitting down my fellow Pittsburgh native, I learned about a market that usually gets ignored by designers, magazines, and the major players of the fashion industry: The Plus-Size market.

Mandy explained that designers claim it's "too hard" to manufacture clothes for plus-size customers. They don't want to do it, so finding designer clothes above a size 10 is nearly impossible. After doing research in the industry for almost 4 years, Mandy found that consumers want more size options, and that there is a lucrative business opportunity that has gone primarily untouched.

MandyInstead of sitting back and watching the industry ignore women's requests, Mandy had decided to take action. Along with starting discussions on her blog, Mandy is developing a line for curvy, fashion-forward women like herself. Starting off with one dress, Mandy hopes to eventually expand her line into a "go-to" ecommerce site where full-figured women can find trends and styles that their 0-8 size counterparts are able to find on a daily basis.

From dark, edgy styles, to retro glam looks, Mandy plans on providing it all in sizes 10 and up.

Mandy's advice to curvy women?

1. Don't be afraid of size numbers! If you need to order a size up, just go for it. "Women try so hard to be one particular size, but if something looks good, just buy it!"

Mandy2. "Figure out your own personal style. Never settle and never be forced into something you don't want to do or wear."

Mandy's favorite trends this season?

1. Cuffs on both hands
2. Pastels
3. Cool collars
4. Black and White
5. Sheer fabrics

Start following Mandy's blog,, and be the first to know when her line launches. In the meantime, use Mandy as inspiration when shopping at your local center...If it looks good, just buy it...Don't worry about the size!


This style post is by our Hot Couture Fashionista, Caitlin Noel. Read more articles by Caitlin here.

For more fashion news, check out Caitlin on twitter @!/caitlinclovesyu



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