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It's Showtime With Beetlejuice!

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Posted June 8, 2012

SineadEver since I was a little girl, my dream was to look like Winona Ryder (Lydia) in Beetlejuice. Not only did I admire her individuality and carelessness, but I also loved every single one of her outfits in the film. And even though I am now older, my love for beetlejuice and Lydia has stayed the same, but now my goal is to get married in a red lace dress!

Just this past weekend, I woke up, looked in my closet, and just dreaded the idea of getting dressed. I felt completely uninspired and bored. Whenever I feel this way I always stop myself and think, “OK, what would Lydia wear?” and viola! Almost instantly I was filled with fun and exciting images from the film, and put an outfit together in no time!

Beetlejuice 2

What exactly did I put together?! Well, first of all, I knew I needed something lacy, dramatic, and gothic. So of course I wore my black hat with a lacy veil. Next, I OBVIOUSLY needed to incorporate black and white stripes because what screams beetlejuice more than that infamous look? Because the summer sun is just too much too bear, no way I was leaving the house without my sunglasses. I wore a little red scarf and a silver necklace to add some layers to my outfit. For the bottom part of the outfit, I took inspiration From Lydia's red lace wedding dress and wore a long red pleated skirt. To complete the outfit, I wore black tights and comfortable black brogues, because who knows what trouble I might get into!


You too can get this dark and mischievous look. The color combination I used can be switched up in so many ways. For example, you can wear a sweater like me, but  if you don’t like ankle length skirts, that's ok, just incorporate  a pair of black and white striped jeans. Incorporate some red with a lace crop top, or maybe a red veiled hat. Just make ake sure you wear comfortable shoes. For example, black boots or black loafers make a really strong statement, but still support the outfit. Make sure you add accessories to add some layers.

The Lydia look can be dressed up or way down. Dress it up with a red blazer and lace shorts, or dress it down with black skinny jeans and a black and white striped blouse. Now say it with me, "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"




This style post is by our Shoptopia industry insider, Sinead Copley. Read more articles by Sinead.


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