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Home Smarts: Spring Super-Cleaning

Get into gear with your seasonal to-do list...

Posted March 1, 2012

Living RoomSpringtime means time to make a clean sweep through your home, and start anew. (Say it with us: “Ahhhh.”) And though it may feel like a chore to get through the seemingly endless list of tasks, the rewards are well worth it. Here’s a can’t-miss checklist for getting it all done:   

* Wash those windows. Spraying down all windows in your house will let the natural light shine in, and give you a sunnier outlook on life. It’s also a wise to clean your drapes and curtains, and give those blinds a good wipe down.

* Pull the rug out from under. Store your heavy winter area rugs and replace them with lighter weight ones. Vacuum and shampoo any rugs and carpets still left standing.

* Make a blanket statement. Now is the perfect time to give a freshness overhaul to your bedrooms. Rotate mattresses, and swap out bedding to reflect the change in climate. Put pillows through the wash, and complete the effort with fresh, new pillowcases.

* Get down and dusty. No more ‘phoning it in’ on the dusting front—time for a thorough wipe down of all of your home’s surfaces. Get into those oft-ignored little nooks and crannies!

* Make the outdoors even greater. Once you’re done getting the inside of the house spic and span, turn your attention outside. It’s time to give some TLC to outdoor areas that will soon get some use. Your porch, deck, patio, and/or balcony will need a thorough washing, and don’t forget to give any outdoor furniture a good cleaning, too!

* Clear out the clutter. Use the excuse to make a clean sweep of your house and closet. No better time than spring to rid your space of any old clothing, toys, and dust-gathering clutter!


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