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Wooden Accessories

When it comes to looking to nature for unexpected accessories, don’t knock wood...

Posted February 15, 2012

Wooden NecklaceWood-n’t you know? The season’s hottest accessories are steering away from winter’s shiny baubles and headed in a tree-hugging direction. Grande Dame of American sportswear Donna Karan kicked this trend into over drive, presenting audacious accessories from heels to handbags in rich woods. This eco-centric trend is proving the ultimate in boho-chic.

Designers have given wood a surprisingly lady-like look considering the hippie-chick implications of the material. A stylish wood sole sandal pairs perfectly with a breezy day dress for a pulled together weekend or work look. A figure flattering chain belt in a rich, polished finish is versatile and adds luxury to any ensemble. Chic shades are a must-have for practicality and style. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest look in eyewear: Wood framed specs. Unique touches like these, or a stunning ring, will set you apart from the fashion pack.

Non-traditional materials leave the door open for experimentation. Wanna buck the subtle route? Check out big statement pieces that go hand in hand with the season’s tribal trend. Bold bangles and necklaces complement the graphic ethnic prints.

The change of seasons brings a change of trends. Embrace your inner nature gal and try on all the ways to rock these accessories, head to toe. 


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