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Tables, Chairs and Storage for Tweens

How to choose furniture for the changing needs of your child...

Posted February 8, 2012

toddler roomYou chose the nursery furniture with such care and anticipation. How can it already be time to upgrade the baby’s room, let alone to replace Dora and Diego for a more tween-friendly motif?

Fear not. Choosing furniture for your growing kids means investing in a few built to last pieces that will let them transition though several stages. And when you’re shopping, remember to make the kids a part of it. They’ll be more likely to love it if they helped pick it out.

Little, for a Little While Longer

Your kids are going to need play tables and chairs, small bookcases and toy boxes for a few years to come, but they’re probably ready for versions that are a little less precious than something you’d find in a nursery. If you go the favorite character route, save those designs for the elements that are easy to switch out—bedding, pillows—or small accent pieces that can easily be painted over.

Looks Like Teen Spirit

As kids head for adolescence, their tastes are going to evolve, and they’ll likely let you know it’s time for a room redo. Let them choose inexpensive and less-permanent elements like window treatments, accent chairs and bedding, but try to steer them in the direction of more timeless styles when it comes to desks, beds, and larger bookcases. Wall decals can give your tween some creative latitude without forcing you to commit, too.

Embrace the change and if, in the middle of the bedding department, you’re hit with a twinge of nostalgia, just remember that even after many room redos, they’ll still be your babies. Just don’t tell them that.

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