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Bedding For Your Kids

Linen is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to redecorate your kids’ rooms...

Posted January 16, 2012

kids roomIt’s time to change the sheets. Not for the reasons you’re thinking about but because swapping a bedspread is a lot easier than painting over a character-based mural. And January white sales are a good time to get great deals. How to get started? Read on.

The color experts at Pantone may have declared Tangerine Tango the 2011 color of the year, but it will be a little bold for a kids’ bedroom, except as an accent. A bigger trend in kiddie linens, for both boys and girls is chocolate brown, partly because it pairs so well with pink, blue and green and it holds it’s own with bold colors like peacock, too.

Littler kids will never tire of tucking in with their favorite cartoon characters. If you’ve got a guy or girl who loves a particular animal, it’s almost certain there’s bedding out there to match. As children age, they’ll likely favor comforters and sheets with graphic or geometric prints over the “baby stuff.” They’ll also develop their own interests like music or sports, unicorns, trains, etc., which can be reflected in their (your?) décor as well.

When you’re shopping the sales, keep in mind that, like with adult bedding, thread count is an important factor, but not the only one. Percale will generally be crisper than supima, for instance, no matter how many threads there are per square inch. Lesser-quality linens will pill, but if the set is only going to be used short-term, this may not be a factor. You do, however want sheets that won’t pop off at the corners. Kids thrash around a lot when they sleep, so close may not cut it. Measure your mattress before you go.

Get inspired and get going, the January white sales are no secret! 

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