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Shop Smart

SHOP SMART!! Be a smart shopper and keep these shopping tips in mind – where ever you choose to shop!

  • REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE! Park in a well-lit area and don’t forget to note where you parked. Write down which department store or mall entrance is closest to your car. When leaving the mall, do so through the exit nearest to where you parked.

  • DON’T TEMPT THIEVES: DO NOT leave valuables in plain view in your car. Put packages in the trunk. Lock your car, even if you leave it for only a short time, and take your keys with you.

  • THERE’S SAFETY IN NUMBERS: Whenever possible, shop with someone else. (Not only will this make your shopping trip more enjoyable, but you’ll have someone to help you carry your packages!)

  • PROTECT YOURSELF: Always be alert, as you should in any place that’s open to the public. Don’t hesitate to ask a security officer for help, or for an escort to your car.

  • BE DISCREET: Don’t flash large amounts of cash. Know where your purse, wallet, credit cards, cash, and keys are at all times. (Do not lay these items out in the open.) Keep your purse closed and secured and at your side at all times.

  • BE AWARE: Be aware of what is happening around you. If you notice anything that appears to be suspicious, report it immediately to mall security, guest services, or to any retail store employee.


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