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Earning for Learning

Official Rules & Regulations



2012 Official Rules & Regulations

This year’s program begins on August 15, 2012 and ends on October 5, 2012.   Customers must present receipts to Guest Services from any store or restaurant at The Outlet Collection.  Qualifying receipts MUST BE FROM a retailer at The Outlet Collection on purchases made during the program period ONLY, and must be turned in by 9pm on October 5, 2012

Any public or private K-12, elementary, middle, or high school in the state of Washington is eligible to participate.  Pre-Schools, colleges and other post-high school institutions are not eligible.

Purchases made on Mondays and Tuesdays even if not turned in that day count as double points during the promotion.  Any Purchase at Gosanko Chocolates (The Outlet Collection Location) and Mall Gift Cards  (on any day of the week) count as triple points during the promotion.  Gift Cards and purchases made at Gosanko Chocolates do not qualify for Monday and Tuesday double points. Additional bonus point opportunities may be announced by The Outlet Collection at its discretion at any time during the promotional period.

Receipts may only be used one time and will be marked when presented to Guest Services.  The receipt must be the original.  Duplicate receipts, photo copies, faxes and internet orders will not be accepted

Purchases of faxes and photo copies cannot be redeemed for points.  Credit Card payments, even if made to a store at the mall, will not be accepted for points.  Purchases of Kiddie Kruzzer rentals, Kiddie Rides or other vending units that do not provide a receipt cannot be redeemed for points.  

Store employees may not request, or copy, receipts from store customers in order to redeem them for points.  Additionally, stores (or store employees) may not hold receipts to give to schools to redeem for points. Solicitation of stores by schools to hold receipts for such schools is prohibited.

Each dollar spent equals 1 point.   Anything less than $.50 will be rounded down to the nearest dollar, and anything equal to or greater than $.50 will be rounded up to the nearest dollar (Ex. $10.45 = 10 points and $10.56 = 11 points).  Double points will be given if the purchase was made on a Monday or Tuesday, triple points will be given for Mall gift cards AND Gosanko Chocolate purchases.

The highest points per student ratio will determine the winning schools.  The total number of points for each school is divided by the number of students enrolled in the school, and all schools regardless of size will start with a minimum student enrollment of 400.  Enrollment numbers will be provided by the schools.

The mall website will be updated during the promotion with the leading schools according to points only, point per student ratio will not be calculated until the final week and will not be posted until completion of the promotion.

At the end of the promotion the top five schools with the highest points per student ratio will win cash prizes: 

First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Fourth Place


Fifth Place


Other means of earning points may be presented during the promotional period.  Each of these opportunities will be supplemented by its own rules.  Information on additional point opportunities is available at Guest Services.  The Outlet Collection Management Office will make the final decision regarding any dispute.

The Outlet Collection reserves the right to refuse suspicious or fraudulent receipts, or any receipt transactions breaking the above rules.  The Outlet Collection reserves the right to modify these rules at any time without prior notice.

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